The First Generation:
William Newberry (born 1824) and Pharby Lancaster Newberry.


The Second Generation: 
Lewis Tolbert Newberry and Mary Frances Shrum Newberry.   This picture was taken in approximately 1910.


The Third Generation:

Dallas Henry Newberry (born 1892) and Aline Morgan Newberry


The Fourth Generation:
Louie C. Newberry and Ruby Marie Leonard Newberry


The Fifth Generation: 
Mark Lewis Newberry.
Terry Wayne Newberry and Christy Lynn Rankin Newberry


At least five generation of Newberrys have been making chairs in the same location in rural Macon County, Tennessee since the early 1800s.  (There may have been Newberry's making chairs long before that; however, very little of that historical information exists today.)

Today. Louie Newberry (fourth generation) and his sons Mark and Terry (fifth generation) continue the tradition of making quality handmade chairs that will last for generations to come.

In addition to making chairs, all generations of Newberrys have also been farmers.  About the only time, the chair-making shop is closed is when there's a crop that's got to be harvested!