Newberry and Sons' Chairs in located in rural Macon County outside the town of Red Boiling Springs.  This is northeast of Nashville and just south of the Kentucky border.


The map above shows how to get to Red Boiling Springs from Interstate 40 and Interstate 65.  The numbers in red are approximate driving distances between the red dots.  Please click on the map to enlarge it.


The map above shows a detail view of how to get to Newberry and Sons' Chairs.


Driving Directions from the Hotels in
Red Boiling Springs

1.  Take TN 151 south.  (All three hotels are on TN 151.)

2. You will cross under TN 52 in about 1/2 to 1 mile.

3.  Proceed on TN 151 for approximately 7 miles.  TN 151 will dead end at TN 56.

4.  Turn right on TN 56.

5.  Go approximately 3 miles.

6.  Newberry will be on your right.  There is a sign in the yard.


Driving Directions from TN 80
(As you head north from Carthage)

1. Turn right on TN 56.

2.  In approximately 2.5 miles, the road will split.  TN 262 will go off to the right, and TN 56 will go to the left.  Go to the left onto TN 56.  (You will immediately begin going downhill as you descend to the bottom of a hollow.  This is a very twisty road right here.)

4.  Keep going on TN 56.  Newberry will be on your left in approximately one mile.  There is a sign in the yard.